This is the first blog post on this new site. I’m using this site to experiment with new technologies and to share my thoughts. To be honest I don’t know how to make a website. And I didn’t want to spend my time learning how to write a website using react, typescript, tailwindcss (yes I watch 100 second series by fireship :smiley: ), or any other technology when I am in the process of learning PyTorch (im gonna cheat on my dear tensorflow).

But I truly wanted to make a website/portfolio website for myself for a long time. Then I learned about static website generators. I learned that I could make a website just by writing in markdown. This was awesome. With the help of this awesome theme called al-folio I can make a website for myself in just a few hours.

I am planning to write regular posts here. Mostly about machine learning and deep learning.

See you later, future people.